Brought Boston down to Florida with the shrimp roll, avacado, and homemade sweet potato fries. #cookingchallenge

The world ain’t ready for what I had to do!!! @futuredrbaker #cookingchallenge

Figured I’d document the process… #flipagram made with @flipagram

Caught a photo of this hawk on my way to the bus this morning.

Came back to the office with a new design! I wonder if @ddombr0w had anything to do with this. #spohp #picstitch

The story of Soledad Brother. #prisonreform #criminaljusticereform

Celebrating James Baldwin at his 90th birthday #restinpower

With all the hype over the mugshot, I wonder if Malcolm X would have had a modeling deal? At least he got arrested in a suit.

The Tabourian hospital, originally built in 1942, is being rehabilitated with a $3 million grant to turn it into an urgent care unit. It’s the first ever in the area. Decades ago the late soul singer Bessie Smith passed away on her way to this hospital after being turned away from Clarksdale hospital because of her race.

The house of local organizer Amzie Moore is currently under construction to be turned into a museum.